Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So I watched the Academy Awards show and everything was pretty predictable and boring mostly. Apparently the people who voted missed Helen Mirren's movie "The Last Station," or the brilliant performance of Gabourey Sidibe in "Precious." That's the only explanation for the misguided choice of Sandra Bullock as best actress.

I have nothing against her, but that movie, which I went to see for no good reason, is one of those feel-good Lifetime TV movies of the week sort of things. She was okay, playing the kind of woman I have never much cared for - a Southern, gun-totin' blond version of Sarah Palin. It was another movie in which the great white do-gooder rescues the poor, Black kid and gives him a white,middle class life. This character would have taken Precious in hand, and put her in Weight Watchers.

It was good to see "Avatar" get almost nothing. I think James Cameron was all ready to make another "King of the World" speech. I wonder if there is anybody out there who still thinks "Titanic" was a great movie, or even a good movie. If "Avatar" had won for best movie, God only knows what sort of bloated, over the top flick Cameron would have tried to foist off next.

I liked Mo'Nique's speech when she stated that it was good to see that the academy counted on the importance of performance over politics. She was so very good in that difficult role of an abusive mother. Sometimes they so tings right.

But Sandra Bullock?

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