Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's July, Dammit!

This is a summer version of a blog from last year. Is it very, very hot now? Yes, it is. And as soon as you turn on the radio or TV, you are being told that it is very, very hot now, and that it's going to be even hotter tomorrow, and that there's no relief in sight. When yo pick up the morning paper there is a headline that it is very, very, hot now. When you venture outside and meet up with a nother hot person, that person wants to know "Is it hot enough for ya?"

Well, it's July. It's summer. While there have been historical records of snow falling in July a hundred years ago, it is most generally HOT in July. It is most generally HOT in the summer.It is NOT news that it is hot in July. I do not wish to read or hear about this hotness. It will pass We have maybe only 10 - 15 days when it gets really hot, but then it goes away. If this were January and we had 90 degree weather , that would be news. I am perfectly able to discern hotness without having the media telling me this over and over. It's July dammit.

Along with the weather, we are also being inundated with non-news about LeBron James and whether he will abandon Cleveland for some other basketball venue. I am here to tell you that I don't give a s--t.

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Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

You sound really irritated.

Wordy: fressina -- a refreshing beverage, almost a liquid granita, for the beastly days of July