Saturday, January 31, 2015


The first month of 2015 has gone by so rapidly and so coldly. Lots of zeroes and near zeroes with plenty of snow to go along with it. I bought some very nice new warm boots before the snow fell, and they are working out quite nicely.
John escaped for a trip to the South, but got back in time for more snow. And just in time to shovel it. While he was gone, good old Earl showed up to clear a path out to the curb so my friends could pick me up to go to our water aerobics class. It seems incongruous to be putting on a bathing suit this time of year, but the pool is warm and the exercise is vigorous and you bundle up coining and going.
Three houses next to me have turned into student housing. In two cases, the houses were bought by parents for their daughters to live in while they're going to the university. The two girls, from two different families, are each sharing their houses with two friends. That makes three people in each house, which is against the housing code, which was developed when I was on the Kent Board of Health. The main problem is that these six students, plus two more students in the third house, all have cars, which they park on the street of this formerly quiet street. This has made it difficult for my friends and family to pick me up. One good thing about the snow is that when there iare over 2 inches deep, on-street parking is verboten, so that the snow plows can do their job. I don't know where they are parking now, but most of the cars have disappeared for the time being. All of the cars make it obvious that there are too many students living in these houses. The former off-campus student holding area has been destroyed in the expansion of the university, including a massive newcarchiture building and the so-called Esplanade, a paved walkway which cuts through campus and leads to the downtown so that students can go there and spend money. Anyway, I have left a note on a car and also asked a couple of the students not to park in front of my house, and they have been good about it so far. But I do  hate to see our quiet street turned into an adjunct of the university.

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