Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

when my granddaughters were little, I used to make them Valentines and birthday cards. I had a book on pop-up cards, and had great fun devising cards with moving parts and little surprises that they enjoyed ( I heard), and I felt like a fairly good grandmother. I have gotten out of the habit of doing those cards and send them Jacquie Lawson cyber cards, which are beautiful, but not particularly personal.
I have gotten a bit lazy about drawing and painting in general, at least with real materials.
I have a couple of drawing apps on this IPad, which I have been using to illustrate this blog. My favorite is IPastels, because it is easy to use without much of a learning curve. I have a couple of others which are more complicated, and probably more versatile. IPastels has a great pallete, a wonderful range of colors, and works much like real life pastels. It lacks an efficient zoom function, the thing you need for fine detail, but I'm gradually learning to use what it has without smearing everything. It also doesn't have any choice of support surface, which another app I use does.
Another interesting feature of cyber art is that there are a number of filters one can use on a finished piece, which can create interesting variations in the work. I have used these filters on a number  of illustrations on this blog. The picture below shows how a filter has affected the picture above.
To get myself back to real work, I am contemplating an online are course given by a wonderful artist I know, hoping to jump start myself into getting back into the studio and de-sluggify myself,

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