Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Like most of the Northeast, we are experiencing a lot of snow, a lot of ice, and very, very low temperatures. (As I wrote that last word, I recalled how my father used to pronounce that word in his Alabama accent: tem-per-at- tires,  each syllable distinct.) Many   mornings, our outdoor thermometer pointer is below the zero mark, rising into the high teens by afternoon, then going back down. We have had a lot of sun, though, which makes everything outside white and blue and cheerful. A person needs sunglasses. Right now it's snowing, just what is called a snow shower.  Enough of the weather report, since it's not news in the winter.
I am spending most of my time binge watching past TV series on this IPad, thanks to Netflix streaming video. It's addictive, even though the one I'm working at right now is the much acclaimed Friday Night Lights, acclaimed by lovers of plunging necklines, shrill Texas women and hapless teenagers ( played by 25  year old actors) and their equally hapless parents. Oh, and there's football, lots of football. .There's a serious continuity problem - people appear and disappear with no explanation, plot lines get confused about what happened in the last season. Perhaps this is because the networs changed the day and time so often, and then it went to a different network altogether.
Why am I continuing to watch it? Because it's always, mostly, sunny in Texas. That's why all the girls and women wear cleavage down to here clothing. Maybe that's what the critics liked about it. Another interesting, if curious, thing is that no one has a doorbell in this town. They have cell phones, computers and such, but every time someone goes to a home, they knock on the door....Rap!  Rap! Rap! Knuckles of steel they have. Strange. Maybe in the final episode the reason for this phenomenon will be revealed. So I'll stick it out to the bitter end.

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