Friday, October 30, 2015

The View

This is what I see from my living room window. The Fall colors are brilliant this year, in spite of a rather drought-y September. The trees are keeping the leaves on, even though we've had a few heavy rains in early October.  I think this will be the last week for color, though.
Last week I introduced a friend to the golden tunnel on Lake Rockwell Road. I love showing that to people. Since I was a rambler when I drove, I had a number of very fine places to admire in the different seasons. Northeast Ohio has the kinds of seasons which make for variety, which mark the passage of time. There are unpleasant periods- February, July -  which make one pathetically grateful for those lovely days in May and October.
My friend Frances is moving to the San Francisco area, and I notice that she has been posting colorful
photos of autumn trees on her FB page, perhaps to remember us Easterners when she leaves here in a few weeks. We'll think of her this winter, and send her photos of gray skies and snow to keep her from being too homesick.

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