Thursday, December 27, 2007

Campaign Fatigue

It's time to go back to the smoke-filled rooms of yesteryear. I know it was we liberal Democrats who pushed for this way of choosing presidential nominees, but the unintended consequences of this eternal campaigning have created this plethora of babbling, blathering bobble heads. Aside from turning this into some kind of religious convocation, they are only saying what they think "we" want to hear. I defy anyone to believe that these "debates" have any relationship to what the eventual president will actually do once in office. The money being wasted on this also makes me furious.
I want a moratorium on media coverage. Can't we just all pretend that they don't exist? I just want all of them to sit down and shut the hell up. Or for a giant hand to reach down out of the clouds and smite them mightily.
With the exceptions of Warren G. Harding and Richard Nixon, those old pols didn't do such a bad job of selecting our leaders.

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