Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great Minds

There were two op-ed pieces in the NY Times of Dec. 13, pertinent to my last blog (or screed, if you will), and if I knew how to make a link from here you could read them. You can still go online and check them out. One is by Roger Cohen, titled "Secular Europe's Merit" and the other, by Judith Warner, is titled "Holier Than They". I was pleased to read their opinions, expressed much better than mine, but it is nice to know that I am in the same company.
I did my annual storytelling thing for the Caring Ladies from the Catholic Church over in Stow. I have been doing this for over ten years and I am counting on them to get so old they will forget that they are hearing the same stories. Of course, I am getting so old I may forget, too, but so far I have been able to entertain them. It's a nice gig, because they bring all these great food dishes of indeterminate ingredients. It is always good and so far I have not been poisoned. They are a jolly lot. We had a discussion about who it was who first contacted me and came up with a number of names of ladies since decease, so we could not tell for sure who it was.I finally know a few of their names. They all live in these enormous houses on winding streets in the suburban sprawl of Stow. They have to give me detailed directions, which I always scout out in the daytime so as not to get lost in the forest of extravagant lighting displays.
That reminds me: in the poorer neighborhoods, vinyl blow up displays are popular. Unfortunately, so is the prank of poking them with sharp objects, thus causing the sight of blubbery looking, bright corpses, strewn about the yards. I cannot think of many things more depressing than the sight of a deflated Santa or Rudolph. This must be very traumatic for the kiddies. It happens also at Halloween and Easter - dead lavender bunnies. Sad.

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