Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The House Almost Without a Christmas Tree

John is always in charge of the Christmas tree, the getting of it, the putting it into the stand and the stringing of the lights. He usually does this a week or two before Christmas, unlike the old days, when I got the tree a couple of days before Christmas, and put it up on Christmas Eve, giving the children something to do besides whine about how long the day was, and how they wouldn't be able to sleep that night, etc., etc. It did keep them busy, but there was always the annual what ornament to put where fight, resulting in a few slammed doors. Peace finally reigned, though and they went to bed happy, as did I. Since there are no kinder about, John likes to have the tree around early.

This year, however, he and Cynthia got back from visiting Emily in Germany barely a week ago and has been dealing with the inevitable jet lag. In fact, every night he has wanted to watch a Christmassy videos, but hasn't been able to stay awake past 8:30 (2:30 a.m. German time) or so. Cynthia comes over for dinner, I put on the video and end up listening to the two of them snore while I watch the movie by myself. So Monday, he said that he didn't think he was up to getting a tree this year and would I mind terribly if we didn't have one. At this point I hadn't even put out the manger or the little cheap lighted village, so I said it was okay with me if we didn't have a tree.

Then yesterday, he decided he could not have Christmas without a tree and bought one of three left on the lot and brought it home. He said it was deformed and I think he felt sorry for it. He managed to get it up and straight in spite of a very crooked trunk. After dinner, Sally, Cynthia and I added the ornaments and, of course, it looks beautiful. Every Christmas tree we have ever had is the most beautiful tree we've ever had.

The manger is up (Joseph is missing his crook) and the little lighted village is aglow and there are candles everywhere, including bayberry. Gifts are wrapped and right now we are roasting chestnuts, which just set off the smoke alarm. Tonight we'll go to the Unitarian-Universalist candlelight service. They were just given a brand new concert grand piano, so the music should be outstanding.

One of our favorite old TV movies is "The House Without a Christmas Tree", which of course, ends happily (I mean it's a Christmas movie), and we just missed being one of those houses. I guess a person could survive, but it's nice not having to.

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