Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Twist of Fate

Alas! The irony of it all. Last night Jean called. She is nice, but not a close friend. She is the director of the Kent State Fashion Museum. She was not calling to arrest me for wearing bad clothes. Two years ago, Cynthia helped to design a lace exhibit for the museum, and through Cynthia, Jean had commissioned John to build her a fabulous dry stone wall for her garden.

She was calling to let him know that her spinach and lettuce were boltintg. Whatever picture that makes in your mind, think again. She thought that we might like to come out and pick our fill of those fine greens. I volunteered to do this, since both John and Cynthia were working today, and bolting greens must be picked before they get clean away.

So I went out this morning and picked a bunch of gorgeous bright and dark green greens. I came home and washed them and spun them in my salad spinner. Then I fished out a few of those fine plastic bags that you use in the supermarket to put your produce in, which I save for this very event, and lo! and behold! THERE WERE NO TWIST TIES IN THE HELL DRAWER!!

I knew this would happen.

Here is a picture of the Great Wall.

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