Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terry G.- In Memorium

Yesterday the Harper tribe - the immediate family of Lee Ann, Dale and Jace, brothers David and Tim, parents Ed and Joan, and the extended family of aunts, uncle and 25 cousins -lost a bright and shining son, brother, nephew and cousin , Terry Guenveur Harper. He had fought a brave fight against a cruel brain cancer. He was full of life and intelligence and wit and grace, handsome as all get out and loved by many. He called himself Favorite Nephew and Favorite Cousin to all of us, and he was.

He wrote his own obituary on his blog which he started two years ago, right after his diagnosis. He writes with humor, insight and no bitterness about his experiences with this terrible disease. He was a seeker after the truth and handled all the procedures with aplomb and his unfailing wit. I would read the posts and laugh, and assure myself that he was going to beat this thing. I think we all truly believed that he would.

Our family and his many friends will celebrate his life and mourn his death this week-end. There is an unmendable hole in the fabric of our lives, but we are so very glad that he was in this world with us.


Expat Hausfrau said...

Amen to that. I feel lucky to have been his birthday twin, and will hold him in my heart forever. He left me and my family with many chuckleworthy memories. What a gem of a guy!

Helen said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

He sounds like a terrific young man who brought you all joys beyond measure.

As you gather this weekend, may your time together bring you comfort.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I read his blog and got a glimmer of just what a terrific guy he was. So sorry for this awful loss.