Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whence Came These Blossoms?

I notice a tall plant growing in m little flower garden the other day, and also some small stalky things. The tall plant turned into this beautiful lily, which I did not plant and the stalky things turned into these little blue star shaped things. I have no names for them and no idea whence they came. The little blur things, the color of a June sky, grow as a single blossom on each stalk. I think they are from a bulb, since I did notice the stalks last year, but no flowers. The lily is a complete mystery and I'm happy to have it. I have a batch of stella d'oro lilies in the same patch, but I don't think they could have given birth to this different sort of lily. I know that seed plants can spring up because birds intestinal functions act as seed sowers - bur bulb plants? Not unless an emu happened to have wandered through my yard. Down in Holmes County, the Amish have taken to raising emus, rheas and ostriches, but they are flightless and it's a long walk from Sugarcreek to Kent. Perhaps a passing stranger, strolling by last fall, planted a surprise for me. I like it.


Expat Hausfrau said...

How beautiful! Do you suppose Cynthia planted them to surprise you?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers :)

I think we need more story telling that are not corporate produced.

I also enjoyed Citizen Kane, and A Christmas Story. I'm enjoying my retirement, and I hope you are too.

LOVE & Peace

SallyB said...

Ma, the purple flowers are called Balloon Flowers and they are a perennial, so you'll get to see them every year from now on. I don't have a clue as to what the yellow lily looking thing is but I can find out for you if you like! Either way, they are both absolutely beautiful!

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