Sunday, January 15, 2012

Movies, Movies, Movies

The end of this past year has  provided some really fine flicks. Today, John and I went to see "The Artist." What a clever, funny, sweet  film this is. I can't pronounce the lead actors' names, but they are both adorable. It should win the Oscar for originality, of nothing else: a silent film about silent films.  Beautiful black and white. Great sound track music with a variety of music genres. It's the kind of movie that sticks with you.
The Golden Globe Awards show is on tonight, with Ricky Gervais as Emcee. I shall be watching "Downton Abbey," of course, but I'll tape it just to see whose inflated egos get punctured by Gervais.
If I were awarding tacky objects for the best films I saw this year I would choose the following:
Best movie: "Hugo"
Best actor: Ryan Goseling for "The Ides of March"
Best Actress: Michele Williams for "My Week With Marilyn"
Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis or Octavia Spencer  in "The Help"
Best Supporting Actor: Jonah Hill for "Moneyball"
Best Director: Martin Scorsese for "Hugo"
Best Musical Score: "Midnight in Paris"
Best Script: George Clooney for "Ides of March"
I doubt that this list will match the actual awards. I hated to skip George Cleooney for acting in "The Descendants" and Woody Allen for directing "Midnight in Paris," and aso that movie for best film.
Who knows who or what may the voted "the best," but the above performers and films are the ones I loved the most.
And I'd see "Hugo" again in a New York minute. (What the hell IS a New York minte?)

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SallyB said...

"Hugo" is still playing in the area if you want to see it again. I did, on Saturday, in 3-D and it was DAZZLING!!!! My jaw was on the floor the whole time! That they could translate Méliès's silent movies into 3-D was stunning!

I think a 2-D showing can be had in the area, though. I can look around to see where it's playing and let you know. It IS worth a second viewing. The second time was even more amazing than the first. What an incredible movie. It deserves to be recognized at the Oscars. Best movie, best director, yes, I agree, but I suspect out of white people guilt, that "The Help" will get all the awards, or Clooney will get nods for "Ides of March" and "The Descendents". Well, I DO hope that "Hugo" isn't snubbed at the Oscars because it's a 3-D movie. There was nothing gimmicky about the use of that technology in this movie. It truly gave you the whole idea of space in the train station, with the clocks and gears and such. LOVED IT! I think this movie is one of the most clever adaptations of a book I have ever seen!