Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hard of Seeing, Part II

I have a coupe of new “Hard of Seeing” goofs, both of which happened yesterday and today. I had been doing quite well for a long while, but for some reason, these two cropped up practically back to back. And at my last appointment with the4 retinologist, I had not even needed a treatment. I think it is just the random juxtaposition of letters that does it.

The first comes from the latest AARP magazine. It headlined a letter to the editor and seemed quite ominous and out of place in the current political climate. It read (to me) “A Warning About President Carter.” What ob earth was this person going on about here? He’s not even running. The magnifying glass cleared that up. It was actually a warning about Prostate Cancer. Now that may not look like President Carter to those of you with 20/20 vision, but it certainly did to me.

The second was in today’s paper and it read “Starting Pistols Behind Spread of TV Blackouts.” Of course it didn’t make any sense, but then a lot of today’s technology seems to possess magical powers, so it could be.

However, on closer examination, it was “Stalling Profits” that are the actual problem.

When I was telling a friend about this, he said that he had read somewhere that you should be able to read the first and last letters of any word and understand it. I said, “Not if you have macular degeneration, you can’t, or sat least you can’t read it correctly.”

And so it goes.

Had a nice, quick visit with Nancy and Joe from Near Philadelphia. They were in town to visit their friends Roberta and Lloyd, who invited me to join them for dinner. Lovely to see them in person. I keep up with them via blog posts, but face to face is always better.

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