Monday, January 21, 2013

From the Gut

My doctor sent me to an allergist. The allergist looked up my nose and declared it a mess, sinus-wise. He prescribed a strong antibiotic to attack and clear up the mess. In spite of being careful and ingesting buttermilk to provide my guts with good bacteria which the antibiotic was attacking along with bad bacteria, I ended up with C-dif and a couple of days in the hospital tethered to an IV machine which allowed me to travel as far as the bathroom, which, fortunately, was the only place I really needed to go. All staff entering my room had to glove and gown up, especially if they had to touch me. I was a regular Typhoid Mary. Once the main symptom, which I really don’t wan to go into, subsided, I was able to be set free.

My doctor makes his rounds in the evening, unlike normal docs, who come in the morning. So I had a whole day to wait for him to show up. I had my IPad with me, so I started to watch “The Tudors” (via Netflix) an extremely cheesy, inaccurate drama about Henry VIII’s sex life, which was extensive. And must have been exhausting, in the days before energy drinks. After a while I got bored with this, played a few rounds of solitaire, got bored with that and waited for the doc to show up to set me free. I sort of threatened to break out and they finally got him to come in.  I didn’t get out of there until almost 8 o’clock.

I am now taking another antibiotic And feel fine, eating yogurt to stave off any gut reactions and have no interest in what has happened to Henry VIII. I believe he married many women, beheading some, divorcing the lucky ones.

When I got home, this is what the sky looked like. I haven’s seen so many stars in ages. It was a clear, cold night and if I’d gotten out of the hospital when I wanted to, I’d have missed it.

Well, Google in all its wisdom has screwed up the way I donwload pix, which I draw and store on my desktop and do not give mne a way to download them onto the post. Take my word for it, it is really nice.


Paula, the quilter said...

There is a known bug between Blogger and Internet Explorer. Bloggers are downloading either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and installing. I have been using Firefox for years and haven't had the problem(s) most bloggers have complained about.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

When you are composing, if you move over into HTML mode, there is usually the option to insert pics from the desktop. I do that with IE. But Chrome is terrific -- it is my main browser. I'd like to see your pic . . . .

SallyB said...

I think that most doctors overmedicate geezers, and then act all surprised when they have a bad reaction to something they prescribe. This is the SECOND time that medication has caused you to be hospitalized recently. The trouble with most prescriptions is that they are calibrated for healthy 21 year old males, not 85 year old women. Doctors need to realize this and change doses for their older patients.