Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Holiday, Great Caramelcorn

The Boar’s Head Feast was Saturday. This was the fiftieth anniversary, so it was a bit more elaborate. Leading the Beef Eaters, who are the first to appear in the procession, were two Scot pipers, wearing bearskin bonnets, kilts and spats. They sounded wonderful in the vast spaces of the Trinity Cathedral. We got there early enough to get seats in the center, so for the first time, we could see what happened when the entire procession – pages carrying the feast, Good King Wenceslas, the Yule Log, the Merry Makers, the Ladies of the Court, the Virgin and Joseph, the Shepherds with their goats and the Three Wise Men- all enter the sanctuary. Actually nothing much happens except that they sort of kneel in adoration and all. Because of the specialness of this year, there was of videographers recording the pageant. They were quite unobtrusive and careful with the animals which is very important, since there is a young woman riding up the marble floored aisle on a donkey, which behaved quite well this year, with no braying. It was, all in all, quite splendid. We decided to forego the Number One Pho in favor of getting back to Kent, as it was snowing that fine slippery kind of snow. We ended up at a local restaurant and had a fine meal in fine spirits.

One of the new treats this year was the supreme caramel corn from the new Totally Popped shop in one of the new retail area of the downtown. This is simply delicious caramel corn. It is, of course, bad for you and bad for your teeth. It is full of butter and sugar with a touch of sea salt. Polly had taken some back to a friend of hers in P-Town, who pronounced it not unlike crack. You cannot stop eating it. We had two large bags for Christmas, and I found myself begging others to please eat it. We all stuffed ourselves, while pleading for someone to please take it away from us. The shop is doing very well and will be expanding next month, along with the waistlines of its caramel corn junkies.

We had a lovely Christmas together with the new kitten, who somehow figured out how to fetch. Keeps us busy throwing things for him to show off this skill. He is a one cat entertainment center.


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