Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Time

Like most of the country, we have been suffering from what Polly refers to as dog breath weather. Even though I grew up in the sunny South state of Georgia, I have never been a l over of the summer season. We had a very nice, shady backyard with trees to climb, an old cement fish pond we could fill enough to cool off in and a public swimming pool we could walk to. We had a front porch with a squeaky glider to slouch in. In addition, we were children who played hard all day and fell into bed too tired to notice the heat.

It was when we moved to Ohio that we began to notice the hot, sticky weather of summer.

Now I love Ohio. It is a beautiful state with lush countryside hills and lakes and rolling hills. Our spring and autumn seasons are heavenly. Our winter and summer seasons can be dreadful. So far this summer we have had varying periods of heavy rains and heavy humidity. The past couple of days were quite lovely, but we’re headed to the nineties again. We have air conditioners, which save my sanity at night, but I still like open windows and fresh air.

I look forward to August, when the skies are that deep blue and the shadows have sharp edges and the dog are breathing in some other direction.

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