Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sixto the Christmas Cat

Once again, Sixto adorns my Christmas card, staring wistfully up at the December moon. I'm not sure why the December sky is so spectacular to me. Maybe it's because of the clarity caused by the absence of humidity, of that the air is thinner. Maybe it's just my imagination.
We spent the afternoon in Cleveland, at one of the restored theaters in Playhouse Square, watching a production of "A Chrostmas Carol" by the Great Lakes Theater Company. It was in thevOhio Theater, where I saw the incredible 8 hour "Nicholas Nickelby" some thirty years ago. It's one of the smaller theaters, so all the Sears are good. Live theater today is downright magical in its use of lighting and special effects, and small, moveable sets where the action moves almost cinematically, but still theatrically. It was a real treat, John's Christmas gift to the family.
Afterwards we had an early dinner at a pub in the artsy Larchmere area near Shaker Heights. They have  homemade perogis from Slavic Village, the best in Ohio, as well as other great pub grub. The ambient music is oldies from the 40s.
It was a lovely time and the moon rose as we drove  home, big and round and pure silver, just the way Sixto sees it here.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all and to all a "Good Night."

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