Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dupree's Very Bad Day

As one of those Hanna-Barbera cartoon cats once said, "All us cats are high-stringed and I'm high stringder than most." Today was not a good day for our high-stringed cat, Dupree Danticat. First of all, on hot days he likes to stretch out and sleep in a window, any window. Today he chose a north-facing window in the living room, behind my throne.

All was well until a storm blew up from the north. He is terrified of thunder, so he headed for the basement. When the thunder blew over, he got back into his window. However, the rain was blowing into the window and onto him. He jumped down and climbed up into my lap, looking pitifully into my face. I smoothed his damp and windblown fur and he settled down next to me to resume sleeping.

The phone rang and when I got up to answer it and disturbed him, he stalked to the front door and demanded to be let out, since the rain was over and the sun was out. Almost as soon as he started down the front steps, before I could finish the phone call, a very,very loud ice-cream truck drove by. Not only was it blasting away with that annoying chime-y "Maple Leaf Rag" tune (Scott Joplin turning slowly in his grave), but the driver suddenly said a very chirpy and loud "HELLO" through the speaker, and Dupree was clawing desperately at the door.

When he came back in and settled in the window, the sun went away and the rains came again. He returned to my chair, a little damp and ruffled, and went to sleep, twitching his ears a bit. Soon it was time for me to start chopping vegetables for the evening's stir fry, and I had to disturb him again. The sun was out again and he went to the door to be let out. This time there was no truck or thunder so he strolled across the street to check out the neighbor's bushes. He's not a hunter, so I think he was looking for another shelter in case it started to rain again.

About this time he saw that John was coming around the house, home from work, so he dashed back across the street and complained to him about his rotten day. Normally he can sleep undisturbed for 8 or 9 hours and the poor thing hadn't had more than an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep. Spring weather is hard on high-stringed cats.

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SallyB said...

Awww, the poor fuzzy beast spent a day being rattled by forces completely beyond his control. I can just hear him complaining of his terrible, horrible, miserable, awful, no good day in that distinctive and almost Siamese voice of his......

And he's so adorable that you absolutely HAVE to oblige him his whining. After all, in cat years, he's a veritable old man, and he's probably just gotten a wee bit grumpy in old age, and can you blame him? Sleeping is a cat's life and to have it disturbed! Well, I'd complain, too!