Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cats in Dog Days

Yesterday afternoon I looked out the front door and found these three cats sprawled out in front. Sateen was right on the front walk, Herman was in the hostas and Dupree was under the arbor vitae. They could have been dead, victims of an unknown assailant.However, they were only sound asleep, stretched out the length of their bodies in hopes of a breeze. Only one of these cats lives in this house, but he doesn't mind sharing space outside as demonstrated above.
Too bad humans can't do the same.


Expat Hausfrau said...

What a perfect drawing!

SallyB said...

Awwwwww, three hot cats all trying to cool off - so cute to see them all sprawled out trying to catch a breeze in the heat. I've noticed that Herman seems to like a little crook at the bottom of the maple tree out front as a chosen sleeping place. Must be the nice cool shade there. And of course, the arbor vitae seems to be Dupree's chosen shady place. Sateen seems to like the front garden as his little shady spot. So cute to see these three cats lying around lazily on a summer day!