Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yeah, It's Hot

It’s dog-breath weather time here in Ohio. Makes ya long for February – almost. Thank goodness John put in a bunch of window air conditioners in last year. I don’t like the noise, but I do appreciate the cooth therefrom.

In keeping with the wool blanket air, there will not be much cooking going on in this house. We’re eating a lot of salads, throwing in all sorts of fruits, cheese, and meat (mainly chicken) and filling up on greens. It’s too early for the really great things to be available at the market like local melons or peaches, but there’s enough being shipped in from further south to satisfy.

On an entirely different note, I have noticed a strange word choice being used by more writers these days. Instead of a character leaving a room, getting out of a car, or walking from a restaurant, they are using the word “exit.” Characters exit a car, exit a room, or exit a restaurant. What is this about? It seems quite awkward to me. I think it was the Hanna-Barbera high stringed cat who shouted “Exit, stage right!” as his image shot off the screen. Could that word “exit” have imprinted on the brains of tots watching that show, and these tots, having grown up into writers and liking the sound of that word be using it to enhance their prose style? Which it doesn’t.

Well, I shall exit this post now and get back to reading the work of an exit obsessed writer. If she doesn’t stop it, I may have to exit the book, or the reading thereof.

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