Monday, January 28, 2008

Waiting for Al

So Ted and Caroline have endorsed Obama. I'm still undecided about the front runners in the endless Democratic race. Actually, either Hillary or Barack would make a fine president. I just don't know if either of them is electable. President Huckabee? Is this some kind of a joke? Just what this country needs: to become the only world power theocracy.
I am still hoping that Al Gore, who won in 2000, will step up and claim the throne - er - the office of president. He's won an Oscar, a Nobel Peace Prize and a presidential election. AND he was very funny on SNL last year. What more do we need? He's not bad looking and he has the kind of wife that even Republicans like, smiling help meet who gazes adoringly at him. So what if her name is Tipper?
Come on, Al. Give us a break.

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