Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm a Bag Lady!

I first saw this beautiful creation on the blog of the Quilting Addict and I thought, "How nice it would be to have one of those!" (I love William Morris designs and that same person had made me a gorgeous quilt of Morris design fabrics.) To my great pleasure and surprise, this bag arrived the other day, and I now have in my possession this one of a kind treaasure to show off at Trader Joe's, Aldi's and SaveaLot. Or I could use it to carry a small child in, if I had a mind to do so, and a small child handy.

I picked up the habit of shopping bags after being in Germany, where one used to take one's own bags to the market. I watched Emily and Chris grab a handful of cotton bags from home every time they went shopping. It only makes sense. I think now that their town has a couple of super markets, plastic bags are provided, but many people still bring their own. When the Germans come to Akron for the ChrisKindl Markt, they usually bring cloth bags to hand out.

I do have a couple of fancy bags, one from Emily with a picture of the Frauen Kirche in Munich, and one embroidered with a two headed dragon created by great-niece Maddie Walker. And now I have a classy quilt-y one from the Quilting Addict, (I call it my NancyFancy Bag) so that I am probably the best bagged old party in Kent - or maybe even in Ohio.

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