Monday, May 31, 2010

Besieged by Cats

It is Memorial Day weekend and I am cat sitting. John and Cynthia went up to her parents' lake house and I look in on Fatima, the world's most beautiful long haired tabby. I am also in charge of Dupree, the world's most spoiled long haired black cat. In fact both of these cats are indulged and used to a lot of attention along with their food. Dupree is one of those cats which turns its nose up at its food because I think he expects pheasant under glass.

Fatima is not a food snob, bur she has a mind of her own. I went over yesterday afternoon to put her inside for the evening. She's a wonderful cat to pet, being soft as down and patient with adoration. When I left, she decided that she wanted to go back outside. I went back about two hours later to put her in for the night. As soon as I got out of my car, a hot air balloon overhead let out one of those loud blasts of hot air, so if she had been close by, that would probably have sent her flying. I called, whistled and made those cat call noises, but to no avail. I hated to leave her out all night - when Cynthia is home, Fatima often stays out all night, but this was different. What if she got catnapped? I left, hoping she would be all right. I went back early this morning and called and whistled (she likes to whistled for) and she finally showed up from somewhere. When she went in, she gobbled up her food like a starving alley cat.

Dupree refused to eat what I fed him, but I would not open another can, unlike his owner. He eventually gave in, but only after going in and out about 5 times. I think he believes that if he goes out, the food in his dish will miraculously change into something better (and when John is home, it usually does). He finally gave up and ate the stuff grudgingly.

Now these two pampered pets don't know when they have it good. There are two semi-strays lurking about . Sateen, a beautiful satiny black tom cat has been hanging around for about three years now. The woman next door feeds him and has a shelter for him. She can't take him in because she has a bunch of old indoor cats, and he also sprays. I can't take him in because Dupree and he hate each other, and I don't need another cat. He is very affectionate, but he drools.

The other cat, Herman, I have written about
before. His situation has worsened. The people he putatively belongs to have gotten a divorce. One reason he started coming over here is that the people got a third put bull. This is not a pit bull neighborhood. After they separated, the guy stayed in the house until recently, but he totally neglected Herman. Then the worse thing is that he moved out and left Herman behind! I could not believe anyone would do that to a pet. At least he didn't leave the damn put bulls behind. Herman is very loving, a real people cat that is, the kind of people who do not abandon pets. Again, I cannot take him in , even though he has hung around here for so long that Dupee accepts him, more or less. However, he is the kind of cat that triggers my allergies. While the daughters were here, and I was in the rehab place, they let him in at night and let him sleep in their beds. Geez! That was before the jerk moved out and left him. And I came home to have two grown women pleading with me to adopt him, like kids begging for a pet. Not gonna happen.

The only hope for Herman is a neighbor whose wife died a few months ago. He has always loved cats, and our cats over the years have dropped in to visit him occasionally. He has taken a liking to Herman and is feeding him. I think he finds comfort and companionship with Herman. We are hoping for both their sakes that Herman ends up with him.

If one has to have strays in the neighborhood, it is better that they are cats rather than iguanas 0r boas.

So every day I remind Dupree how good he has it.

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