Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mozart Goodie

Emily just sent a package of sinfully delicious German chocolate things. Our favorite, which are also available here in the U.S. of A. are Mozart Kugeln, better known as Mozart balls. In his hometown of Salzburg, it seems as if every shop window is filled with Mozart balls. The packaging is beautiful, all shiny gold and red and purple with his portrait curving over the plump round confection.

First there is an outer shell of dark chocolate (very good for you with its antioxidants and all), then a thin shell of light chocolate (still good for you because it makes you feel good), then a thick layer of marzipan (good for you because it's almond paste and we all know that almonds are good for you) and then the center of soft chocolate. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

There were also other chocolates in this packet, all fine, but Mozart takes the prize. We ration them, because a person could just go crazy and scarf up a batch of them without thinking, while enjoying the Jupiter symphony or that great trio from Cosi Fan Tutti.

Ah, sweet Mozart!

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SallyB said...

Or you could eat them while listening to what I have on my iPod right now, a playlist of Mozart Masses! Glorious choral music, including the recording that was made of us singing the Mozart Requiem back in 1985 with the Canton Symphony Orchestra and KSU Choruses.....that is STILL, to me, the single best recording of that piece, if I do say so myself!