Monday, January 31, 2011

Get Ready for Valentine's Day Now

Here's a chance to make your Valentine happy on the big day. This family story picture book will surely reach the heart of any sentimental person who likes living in the past, which is not a bad place to be these days. There are no sex scenes, everyone is fully clothes, wearing very fully clothed clothing, in fact. There are no cell phones, no Facebook, no one is Tweeting or texting. There is evidence in this book that people actually talked with each other and ate slow food.

This book can be obtained through Authorhouse here and will make a dandy Valentine gift, because it is very sweet and non-fattening. You could include chocolate with the book, but it is not really necessary. And if you have a rich old aunt, she may so pleased that she will leave you her entire estate.

On a different note: Last night I made a fine dinner for the birthday boy (John) with recipes I got from last week's Parade magazine (Jan.23). The entree, called Tray Baked Chicken is by Jamie Oliver, and the dessert is called Pear Flip Flop. Both were well received by the consumers. I'm sure you can find them online.

Now on to -ugh- February.
Well, some sales person I am. The name of the book is "May: A New England Childhood."

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